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Current storage rates:

  • 3 hour induction process upon arrival to us. We Photograph, inspect, and prepare your vehicle to the highest standards. This charged at a flat fee of £40.

Maintenance programme:
  1.  30 day check including run up to temperature,roll tyres,visual inspection,fluid check, operate brakes/clutch/gears to stop rubbers deteriorating. £32.00pw*. Bike £14.00pw*
  2. 60 day check to include above + full ancillary check & 5-10 mile drive on dry roads, with a full report sent via email.£34.00pw*
  3. Carcoon Air chamber storage & battery conditioner From £45.00pw
  • Hard top storage £100.00 per season
● professional wash/dry £35.00
● valet from £80.00
● Paint rectification/detailing 
*Re fueling during maintenance programs will be invoiced at cost.

All maintenance programmes are done at pre-arranged intervals to suit your vehicle's needs.

Workshop labour rates £40.00ph

  • Payment ( by cheque,Standing order or BACS) monthly
  • Accounts must be settled before your vehicle is removed

*NB minimum charge 3 months

Photography by Urban Heath